Goran, as a junior, took part in a number of national athletics competitions after which he became an active recreation fan.

In 1994, since when he has had a detailed sports calender, he became an active recreation long-distance runner.

In 2009 he took part in Belgrade marathon which marked the beginning, as he says, of his career for the second part of his life.

Since 2009 he has run 29 marathons.

In 2012 he ran 10 marathons in 10 consecutive days from Kragujevac (Serbia) to Mostar (Bosnia and Herzegovina), aiming to contribute to better relationships of the inhabitants of two partnered cities and the motivation of disabled people, along with promoting their sports potentials.

On the basis of the precise records he has run around the planet Earth more than twice since 1994, which has been calculated according both to the Equator and the Greenwich.

He is sure that he can run full marathons easily every day and he is ready, at any moment, to set a new Guinness record which is now 53 full marathons in 53 consecutive days. He is going to start that in April 2016, running 55 full marathons in 55 consecutive days from Kragujevac (Serbia) to Oslo (Norway).