He is said to be the founder of the paraolympic discipline tandem-cycling in Serbia.

Although this most integral discipline of paraolympic program which equals a poor-sighted bicyclist – a copilot (blind or poor-sighted) and his pilot with good eyesight had been on the paraolympic program since 1976, there was not a single competition tandem- bicycle in Serbia until 2004.

There were just some versions that were made by rare enthusiasts by combining 2 bicycles for the purpose of recreation.

In 2004 Goran thought of a project with which he applied at ACDE/VOCA, which donated 3 competition tandem-bicycles to Junior from the funds of USAID.

In order to motivate young people he thought of several marathon transparent rides through Serbia and the surrounding region, aiming to make poor-sighted youth in towns through which tandem-bicyclists pass interested in this discipline and draw the attention of sponsors to donate for the purchase of tandem-bicycles.

He had been a member of a three-crew national tandem-bicycle team of Serbia for 5 years until new younger poor-sighted bicyclists showed up.

He participated in 2 world championships and a series of regional competitions.

He was the founder of a “Traditional tandem-bicycle marathon from Kragujevac (Serbia) to Mostar (Bosnia and Herzegovina)” which has been run for 12 years, thus contributing to having good relationships among their inhabitants through the exchange of the young people of two partnered cities.

This manifestation has also contributed to the development of tandem-bicycling in BH.

Bicycling is his alternative recreational discipline due to his dependence on the copilot.

He got many significant rewards from the institutions of both countries for developing tandem-bicycling and organizing the “Kragujevac-Mostar” manifestation.