A unique discipline of the blind, a game with a sound ball on a volleyball-dimensional court marked as a relief.

Goran was the founder of the first Yugoslav and Serbian goalball club “Junior” in 1998.

GC “Junior” was the initiator of the founding a goalball league of Serbia, three-times its champion and the winner of numerous regional tournaments, and its biggest success was in 2009 on a prestigious international club gollball tournament in Malme (Sweden) as the 5th among 18 teams.

Considering goalball the identity card of sport of the blind and the sign of their modernization through which they are presented  to the public on the best possible way, he dedicated not only the most of his own hard work to this discipline but also a lot of enthusiasm.

He played goalball as a pupil, as a young man, and later in rare occasions when there was a vacant position in a team.

To his request the first portable goals for goalball were made in Serbia and he is believed to have been the pioneer in promoting goalball in Serbia since he successfully organized the first demonstration of goalball filmed by Serbian TV channels and their continuous follow-up of a goalball league.