• Promoting sports, creative and intellectual potentials of the blind and the poor-sighted through the extreme sports event.
  • 55 marathons in 55 consecutive days is a contribution to the affirmation of the abilities of the poor-sighted to carry out even the most difficult jobs.


Building and providing equipment for one or two mini-camps in Serbia for the children and young people with congenital and acquired disabilities.

The necessity of work organization in camps related to the sport of the poor-sighted is based on the need to carry out the methods of individual work of teachers and coaches with this population of children.

According to the experiences from developed countries, it is a well-known fact that the process of additional education of parents of the children with disabilities and their teachers, coaches, instructors and assistants is most effectively realized in camps through working with smaller groups.

Opširnije o značaju sporta u procesu rehabilitacije OSI u aktuelnom trenutku u Srbiji i regionu možete pročitati ovde.


Participating of young people whose eyesight is bad (the blind and the poor-sighted) in the social life of the community as equal, hard-working and dignified people and more efficient dealing with their everyday problems.