Goran made the first pioneer steps in the organization of sports competitions  while just a primary-school pupil through successful organization of school and inter-school tournaments for which he was praised by the teaching staff, as well as for his engagement in extra-curricular activities.

Immediately after finishing his secondary school he was in charge of a sports team in the organization of the poor-sighted of Kragujevac.

With the intention to arise sport above the level of sections and position it within the Ministry of Young People and Sport, just as it is the case in developed countries of the world, and make the poor-sighted sportsmen equal to the others, he and the team of his associates founded the first goalball club on the territory of ex-Yu in 1998.

The idea was to draw the attention of the public to the sports potentials of the blind through their unique discipline by using sound ball.

In 2003,after founding new clubs like “Junior”, he initiated the founding of a Sports Association of the Blind and the Poor-sighted of Serbia, being its first Secretary-general.

He was the founder of the goalball league in Serbia.

In 2004 he started the project of providing very expensive tandem-bicycles – first of this kind on the territory of Serbia and the surrounding region, for which he is believed to have been the founder of this discipline in the country.

He initiated the founding and was one of the founders of the first Parabicycling Association of Serbia in 2006.

As the manager of this association he organized a debut of a national tandem-bicycling team on the world competition in Bordeaux (France) in 2008, and then in Bogonio – Torino (Italy) in 2010.

He organized many tandem-bicycling marathons in the country and the surrounding region with the aim to present and promote the sports potentials and enthusiasm of blind and poor-sighted sportsmen in order to provide new tandem-bicycles for other clubs and organizations for blind people.

His mission is a maximum participation of disabled people in the social life of the community through sports so as to enable them to find a job to solve their financial problems, therefore making them dignified members of community with a high level of self-esteem and confidence.

He got many rewards from eminent institutions for his sports work.